We show you the frequently asked questions from our clients who are considering visiting our salon and our answers to them.
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We offer a free change of clothing for all massage courses, so you don't have to bring anything special.

Our salon has only two therapists (one male and one female) and we have two private rooms. Therefore, the maximum number of people that we can accommodate at the same time is two. If you would like to come with more people, please understand that we can only take two people at a time. The remaining members would need to wait for their turn.

Pregnant women can choose from the following three courses: The Body Care Course, Chiropractic Massage Course and Lymphatic Drainage Course.
However, we do not accept those who are still in their first trimester; those who have been prescribed anti-contraction medications or labor suppressants; or those who have been instructed by a doctor to rest.
・ Aroma treatment courses for pregnant women
We use safe aroma oils, but because most medical experts advise against any topical oils applied to the skin during pregnancy, we do not offer aroma therapy massage to pregnant women. 

Yes, it is. If you would like to bring your baby, we will babysit for free during the treatment (please check in advance to ensure a staff member is available to babysit). We have the healing space, techniques, and hospitality to provide massages to help moms. Our free babysitting service means that you need not worry about your baby and can enjoy a relaxing massage.
Our hope is to provide peace of mind for moms whose stress can steal from the enjoyment of childcare. In this way we are determined to make your time in Japan more comfortable.
We also offer in-home massages for moms who have difficulty getting out.

A. This presents no issues at all. Please do not worry, feel free to take any of our services.

You can take all courses one month after giving birth.
Following childbirth, we provide help for women experiencing a number of childbirth related issues. For example, following childbirth the pelvis tends to be misaligned and unstable.
At our salon, we offer a chiropractic massage courses that adjust and stabilize the pelvic misalignments. We highly recommend chiropractic massage courses for postpartum clients.
* Please let us know if you are breastfeeding. In line with the advice of experts, we do not recommend aroma oil for women who are breastfeeding.

You can purchase vouchers directly at our shop or by credit card. We can make credit card transactions by email. In order to purchase without coming to our store, please first select the course you would like to purchase and let us know using either the online inquiry form or email. After confirming your desired course, we will send you an email outlining how to pay via credit card.

Sure. It is possible to come to our shop for the sole purpose of purchasing our Japanese herbs. We can also mail Japanese herbs to you. However, our mail service for herbs is only available for those who have visited our shop and purchased herbs previously.

If you would like more details about this mailing service, please feel free to inquire by phone or email.