Massage lessons

The goal of this course is to teach the techniques and main target muscles to enable you to provide an effective Shiatsu massage.

1. Trial course

90 min 17,000 yen

(If you are a couple, we offer two for the price of one)
★ Recommended for the following people★
◎ Those who want to perform massage casually for friends and family
◎ Those who are considering applying for the advanced course 

Lesson Content

Step | 01

You will receive a massage from me. During the massage, I will give you a detailed explanation of the purpose of the massage and the target muscles.


You actually perform a massage on a volunteer model (or partner). While you perform the massage, I will guide you in techniques such as how to use your body, and body position. I will also show you how to apply pressure correctly and where and how to target the pressure points on the human body.
After the lesson, we will provide feedback and a video of the massage you practiced.
You can use this video as a review of the lesson. 

2. Advanced course

Total 8 hours (4 x 2-hour sessions) 80,000 yen

As a bonus, an after-sale, follow-up lesson is free for up to 2 hours for those completing the advanced course
You will be asked to bring your massage volunteer model each time.
If you cannot find someone to be your model, please contact us in advance.
★ Recommended for the following people★
◎ Those who want to perform massage as a job in the future
◎ Those who do not have qualifications but are already performing massage as a job and want to improve their knowledge and expand the range of treatments they can offer.

Lesson Content

4 x 2-hour sessions
Please pay for the full course before the first session.
We will interview you about where you plan to use the skills you will acquire in our courses.
We will teach you specialized knowledge and techniques according to each person’s vision.
(If you take a lesson once every two weeks, you will learn faster.) 

Course content example

 ・ Introduction

Basic knowledge of body care, basic techniques, how to use the body during treatment, etc.

 ・ Techniques

* We will practice body care from the perspective of Western medicine (anatomy, physiology, etc.) and Oriental medicine (acupuncture points, etc.).

・ How to counsel

・ How to examine the body

・ Overall review

Following the end of the 8-hours course

If you would like to practice a little more after completion of the 8-hours course, please take advantage of our free 2-hours offer.
* For best results, do not leave too much time between lessons. Best to take lessons once every two weeks. 


Shiatsu massage

Ryo was very instructive.
He looked at my posture and gave me stretching and adjustments that made me feel good!
I also had a lesson on how to give shiatsu following the massage.
It was very informative : )
I very much enjoyed!