Message from the Owner


Ryo Hatanaka


We welcome overseas guests visiting Tokyo.

For those suffering stiff shoulders and lower back pain but are worried about communication during treatment, we can assure you that the therapists at our salon speak English.

You can receive treatments, specifically targeted to your needs, without worrying about communication.

We sincerely hope that all overseas guests visiting Japan enjoy a comfortable stay and sightseeing in Tokyo without the inconvenience of physical problems.

I have studied in Canada and Australia and have been in this industry for 13 years.

Every year, l provide services to over 2500 visitors from many different countries.

In my experience I regularly come across the following issues.

I know that many overseas guests do not share the same culture and customs for massage treatments in their home country. Many overseas visitors do not have an awareness of the cause of their physical problems so they cannot receive targeted treatments and do not have the necessary knowledge to manage their physical ailments properly.

Many, resort to taking painkillers and other medications in what seems to me to be a haphazard approach. We want to help our clients to stop relying on painkillers. We are confident we can work together on a plan that will lead to a fundamental solution of your problems.

We love to provide our overseas guests with an experience of the effectiveness of massage therapy such as Shiatsu, which has a long tradition in Japan, and to provide guests with the knowledge and tools to deal with their physical issues and have a happy life.

More specifically, our therapies provide healing while at the same time relieving symptoms such as stiffness in the shoulders, lower back pain and knee pain. We can solve problems that have caused discomfort for many years and improve our clients’ health by dealing with issues related to poor posture and tiredness.

We also teach you the necessary follow-up care and self-management techniques to ensure our massage effects are sustained.

We encourage you to visit us and relieve yourself of the tiredness from your strenuous busy life.

Please ensure your body is relaxed and healthy to enable you to enjoy your time in Japan and take home many happy memories.