Our Wa-herb shop

Japanese natural remedies are another great service we are pleased to offer our clients. Native Japanese plants make your body more healthy from the inside.

The blessings of Wa-herbs

Wa-herbs are an ancient Japanese treasure handed down from generation to generation.
These unique and useful plants have played an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of Japanese people and have been part of Japanese culture since before the Edo period.
Wa-herbs have a long history as natural remedies and healthy herbal teas for treating a range of ailments. Sadly, many of these remedies have faded from memory in modern, urbanized Japan. Thanks to these time-honored Wa-herbs, the average life expectancy of Japanese people held the top position in the world for ten consecutive years. Wa-herbs are effective in treating a range of ailments. At our salon, you can sample Wa-herbs as teas—a pleasant way to enjoy them and appreciate their health benefits.  

Wa-herb teas have an appealing aroma and taste in addition to supporting general health and wellbeing.
Wa-herb teas are good for treating people with weakened immunity, water retention, menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, constipation, diarrhea, and insomnia, as well as helping those who get chills, have difficulty in relaxing, or are dieting.
Our herbal preparations complement Shiatsu massage well.
In addition to Shiatsu massage, we can incorporate Wa-herbs into our therapies to treat your body from both the inside and the outside.
We are the only facility in Japan offering this unique age-old service with its deep roots in Japanese culture.
You do not need to know which Wa-herb you require. We provide counselling and education on the benefits of Wa-herbs and provide the appropriate advice for you. 

If you enjoy Japanese culture, you will definitely like our Wa-herbs.
Why don't you take this opportunity to try Wa-herbs? Please take the time to enjoy another side to traditional Japanese culture and become healthier from within using Wa-herbs.
We are confident that you will appreciate the charm of the unique time-honored culture associated with Wa-herbs.  

Wa-herb tea blends

Each of the different herbs that are used for Wa-herb tea are great to drink on their own without blending. However, when we blend the herbs into a new tea, we have two main aims: the efficacy and the taste. By blending some teas with similar efficacies together we can enhance specialized characteristics, and gain a synergistic effect. In addition, we blend herbs to create a unique tea with an easier more desirable taste. Therefore, for beginners we recommend teas that are our most popular due to their easy-to-drink formulation. Such tea blends are suitable for promoting inner health. As an added convenience, these teas are available in tea bags. Thus, they are very easy to make and they do not require a teapot.
The following are our popular blended teas.

The 6 popular blended teas in our salon

1|Refreshing Detox Tea

This blended tea is recommended for those who want to cleanse themselves of toxins that have accumulated in their body. This tea is also recommended for those who often drink alcohol or for those who are worried about excessive water retention. To make this detox tea, we have blended four kinds of herbs that all have detoxifying and diuretic properties. Drinking this before and after exercise will improve your circulation and make it easier to excrete waste products. The detox herbs in this blend also help to control blood pressure and blood sugar.

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen 
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen

2|Relax and Unwind Tea

This blend of tea is rich in Vitamin C and has a fruity aroma and flavor. It acts to calm the body and mind. A characteristic of this bend is its effectiveness in helping to release feelings of tension and provide a deep and comfortable sleep. This tea is recommended before bedtime. If you have difficulty falling asleep or getting a deep sleep due to insomnia, excessive tension, or anxiety or worries, it is definitely worth a try. It also has the effect of providing a balance that calms gastrointestinal conditions.

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen

3|Warming Immunity Boost Tea

We hope that you can use this tea to enhance your immunity against viral infections.
Increasing body temperature and blood flow are important general factors that aid in boosting immunity. This Warming Immunity Boost Tea includes both the following effects.
First, this blend of tea warms your body from the core. By raising both blood flow and body temperature, this tea also provides an immunity boost. These three body-warming Japanese herbs not only improve circulation and raise body temperature, but also have the effect of boosting immunity. This is achieved
through the three-way synergistic effect from;
Yomogi, which activates interferon,
Naginata koju, which acts to cure colds, and
Ibuki jakoso, which alleviates throat and nose disorders and has antibacterial activity.
Recommended for those who suffer from chills and want to prevent infectious diseases and boost immunity.

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen

4|Aphrodite Beauty Restorer Tea

Our Aphrodite blend provides a feeling of warmth, and brings out the inner health and beauty of women. In addition to raising body temperature and boosting circulation, this tea contains the female-friendly herb called Touki. This herb plays an important role helping to regulate hormonal imbalances specific to women.
Recommended for women suffering from chills and water retention, menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen 

5|Energy Boost Tea (Sunshine blend)

Our Sunshine Blend comprises five herbs that each have effective properties for increasing blood flow and body temperature at the same time. The herbs in this combination are well known for their strong and powerful efficacy related to blood flow and body temperature.
These are all-star herbs that have been used across all regions of Japan from ancient times (from the northernmost point of Hokkaido to the southernmost point of Okinawa). These effects boost immunity and help your body to become more powerful.
In addition, the fruity taste makes it delicious and easy to drink. Since Tachibana has the effect of increasing metabolism, we suggest drinking this tea in the morning to energize your day.
Recommended for those who:
• want to start a powerful day by boosting metabolism without resorting to coffee in the morning,
• feel that their immunity is weak,
• feel chills due to poor circulation

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen 

6|Relax and Detox blend tea (Sunset blend)

This is a blend of five herbs. Firstly, we have a high-quality blend of Gettou and Tachibana, both of which are prized for their excellent antioxidant properties. To this, we have added Hamanasu for its richness in vitamin C. Hamanasu contributes to healthy beautiful skin and relaxes the body and mind. The last herb in this blend is Dokudami, which is added to provide a detoxifying effect.
This tea is a special hybrid blend that caters to the multifaceted needs of our clients. Such needs include wanting to both relax, detox and get a comfortable night's sleep. This tea is perfect for resetting your tired body at the end of the day.
Recommended for people with a wide range of worries who want to relax, get rid of water retention, and detox at the same time.

Tea bag pack (2 tea bags) 600 yen
(Special price for 10 tea bags) 2,300 yen
Loose leaf pack (10 grams) 1,100 yen 

We offer a home-delivery service for Wa-herbs!

If you like our Wa-herb tea, please take advantage of this service.

Because we are not an online shop, but a real bricks-and-mortar shop, our service is designed to provide Wa-herb tea to clients who visit our shop. However, since some of our clients come from far away, we also offer a limited home-delivery service to those clients who have visited and previously bought Wa-herbs from our shop. 

Please select the Wa-herb you would like to order from our website and
send the quantity, your name and address to this email.

※Please understand the following rules regarding shipping charges.
Free shipping for clients who purchase over 5,500 yen.
If it is less than that, it costs 600 yen.